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David Holmes,

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Simon Weale, Car Enthusiast, 

David has a talent I can only admire and envy. I would not hesitate to recommend him or his artwork to anyone. With minimal information he made me something I will treasure always.
Thank you David!

About Me

As an absolute car nut from an early age, nurtured by a car mad father and visits to motor shows (returning with the pre-requisite mountain of brochures) and motor racing meetings, my work has been born from this obsession. Work is continual, not only with requests from three like minded sons (nothing to do with me!) of newly released dream machines, but also from car owners themselves. Although cars are my passion, motorbikes have also made it into the portfolio.

As my work is seen, more and more time is spent on commissions for car enthusiast owners. This has allowed for a most enjoyable pastime to develop into a paying hobby. However, with the many hours devoted to each illustration, it is inhibitive for it to flourish into a career. So, sadly, a hobby it must remain. The illustrations shown represent a cross- section of those completed.

Living in the South East has allowed me to be close to the design agency hub that is London which is ideal for my day job. I studied 3D Product Design at Teesside Polytechnic some years ago and upon leaving, a throwaway comment from a friend that I could ‘draw him that Ferrari now’, started the bug within me!

From this small beginning has sprouted the work you see on this website. As it is only a hobby, some years are more productive than others – totally dependent on the pressures at work and the many directions we all seem torn in with our home lives. My ‘night owl’ habits seem to aid with the illustration work!

As with all work creative, there remains a constant target for continual improvement, where the latest work is striving to be better than the last. I believe this goal is evident in the gallery of my work, which shows work completed over many years. I have chosen to ‘show all’ rather than restrict viewers to just the latest works! I just have to hope the results speak for themselves!